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Tam Görünüm: with a Bhosphoros view, flatshare in Cihangir
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Hey mates
I have a flat which is located in Cihangir which is basically very close to the Taxim square. (like 5 mins walk)
The flat has 2 rooms + a large living place. I live in one of those rooms and one seems free for now. The living room has a good sea and bhosphorus view which is available even while you re lying in the couch Smile
The price is 500 euros everything is included (wifi+heating+electrcity+cable tv blah blah)
Additionally I make parties sometimes that might be a problem or a bonus feature for you.
I clean the living room with no regular basis but it shouldn't be messed up long time. So that should be considered before renting the place. (your private room is not my business )
I may share more pics of the flat if you mail me.
0554 2222123
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